Why I can’t see your face?

Unfortunately not. My privacy is very important for me for very specific reasons, and my face will remain a mystery until we meet

How should I contact you?

Messages, WhatsApp, are my primary means of communication, phone calls are not discrete practices, so please keep this in mind when trying to reach out to me.

Will you send me photos of your face?

Don’t even think to ask that…..you will be ignored/blocked immediately 

Can I request that you wear something specific ?

of course yes… if there is a certain outfit you would like me to year and that would help set the scene, then don’t be shy to ask for it. I am here to satisfy your ultimate fantasy.

Do you offer outcalls?

Yes,the shortest duration for outcall is 2H 600 EURO . Please don’t forget that taxi or uber are not included in my rates.

Do you provide a travel companion service (FMTY) ?

Yes, I can. In order to confirm a FMTY booking, I require 50% deposit plus travel expenses Hotel -Ticket reservation to be made by you and send to me in advance.

I don’t want to have any surprise, it is really you in photos and videos and there are recent ?

Yes all the photos videos on this website show me. The are 100% real and recent and are updated frequently. 

How important is personal hygiene ?

I always take care in my personal presentation and I expect the same from you. Arriving at our date clean, shows you respect me. It makes me feel comfortable and shows I’m in good company with you. If you visit my apartment, be assured that I provide quality shower amenities for you to use and mouthwash if you need. For outcalls, please shower before I arrive at your hotel,home or let me know beforehand and we can take one together

Would you ever consider unprotected sex, i would love to do that with you?

Unprotected sex is a dumb idea so never ask me for such, you will be immediately blocked and blacklisted. the sexual intercourse vaginal or anal are always with condom. I provide only oral sex without using protection. You have the right to choose if you prefer protection or not for the oral sex, in any case i can always provide condoms and dental dams. My personal safety and those of my clients is the utmost priority. Like most sex workers, i take my sexual health very seriously. I also visit a clinic every month for a full sexual health screening. I have also been fully vaccinated against Hep A and B and i recommend to my clients to get regularly tested too. I reserve the right to refuse any booking if I feel that my health might be put at risk. Every sex toys and accessoire is disaffected immediately after any use. Penetrative sex toys for my clients are always protected with condoms.

Do I need to bring my own protection or will you provide them ?

Be sure ….I always have condoms and dental dams but please bring your own if you have any specific requirements, sizes or allergies.

Do you have any rules?

Good manners cost nothing. Be Discrete. Be polite always unless we both agreed in advance to play a specific role. Please respect my choice and don’t insiste in things i don’t like to do.  I will not tolerate rudeness, negotiation of my rates. It’s reciprocal you treat me well and I will do the same.

Can i cancel our meeting, i’m not sure to come

If you have to cancel appointment, do as far in advance as possible. Please respect my time always and don’t make me to wait for you if you have no intentions to come. Please note that last minute cancellations and no show up will make you blacklisted and i will never give you a seconde chance, sorry….

I send you a message, you will delete my informations please? I’m concerned about my privacy

Of course! The privacy of my clients – past, present, and future – it’s very important to me. Any information I require stays strictly private and I only ask for the details I need to ensure my own safety and comfort. I believe discretion is of the utmost importance to help us both feel at ease with each other.

I’d like to see you again, can i ?

Lovely, happy to see you again contact me to arrange our next RDV . I already look forward to it!

Are you available today / in an hour / right now?

Advance bookings are highly encouraged as I see limited clients and have limited availability.

Do you have any tattoos, piercings ?

No tattoos, only some piercings in my ears.

Do you accept gifts from clients?

I’d love that! gifts are always guaranteed to leave a smile on my face. Check my wishlist that i keep updated and i love surprises gifs as well.

Do you do GFE ?

Absolutely. I’m very sweet by nature, and I’d love to be your special girlfriend

I’ve seen someone else using your photos/videos or text.

I’m passionate about how I put myself across on my site – my images & writing are the product of my own hard work. Please drop me a line if you think you’ve seen someone using my identity

Can I bring you a drink?

I am a whisky lover but wine and champagne can be also a good option

What happens if we run into each other in public?

Please do not approach me if you see me in public. I am often out with friends or family, and even if I appear to be alone, I might not be. I am a very private person and discretion is crucial.

I have never met an escort before, will this be a problem?

No not at all, I’m honoured that you chose me as your first

You are a natural beauty?

Yes i will not lie…. i ‘am not 100% natural, i have done some things to my face and body and i still continue to have plastic surgery. If cosmetic surgery can make someone happier with the way they look, then they should try it.

Do you enjoy being escort?

Yes, I can say honestly that it is something I am glad I started. My life is pretty boring and straight laced, so this is a wonderful outlet for me. I enjoy having a secret. I have met such interesting people and have had so many memorable experiences. It has taught me so much about sex and sexuality

Is there anyone you don’t see?

People who are unable to communicate with me respectfully. It is extremely important to me that you treat me with respect and see me as a human being and an equal.

What languages do you speak?

I speak French, English, Greek and Estonian and recently I have started learning German.