phone number: +33768126123 / +41778158156



  • Contact: Via +33768126123 or email no phone calls please!!
  • Deposits: very appreciated and high recommended. (deposit 50€ required for reservation, i will send you a link by mail or sms, it’s very disceet)
  • Availability:  Available by appointment 1-4 times per week, being fully independent allows me to book flexibly across the week and at all times of day/night. I can only offer true flexibility with advanced bookings.
  • Last-minute availability: Unfortunately i am unlikely to be able to accept same-day booking requests. No same day bookings please
  • Payment: I accepts cash and credit carts
  • Extras: ? Its all-inclusive or not at all.

In your message please tell me: 


  • When, ideally, you would like to meet and how long for.
  • Whether you’d like to see me for an outcall or incall.​
  • What you’d like from our time together …… for example services you really like or things you would like to discover with me.
  • A little about you, so I can gain a sense of who I’m messaging before we’re face to face! 
  • Please don’t forget to add to your message a name ,contact info, phone number… very important the best time to join you.
  • If you have a specific scenario in mind or require specific equipment or outfits please let me know so I can ensure it is all ready for you when we meet.
  • If you have a specific question, you can ask me before confirming the booking.
  • Very important…..Do not text me in the middle of the night unless you want getting blocked
  • If I tell you I am not interested in seeing you, and you repeatedly try to contact me from different numbers/emails, I consider this to be harassment/stalking.
  • Treats like negative reviews to escort sites or forums etc doesn’t work out with me…… i don’t need any positive or negative advertising . So go F….yourself
  • Be mindful of my neighbours. Do not loudly announce your presence when I open the door.
  • Discretion and privacy are must. Do not bring unnecessary attention to your yourself, do not annoy anyone in the neighbourhood and i expect a proper behaviour inside and outside of the property. Any bad manner and lack of discretion will not be tolerated
  • guess that …. i am able to read lol and i speak many languages so sending one word/ one line messages like, babe are you available, coucou ….etc is very rude. I believe that as adult you are able to write full sentences and be precise in your request……

**Pour les messieurs qui se posent vraiment la question…..oui je parle la langue de molière….meme si je garde toujours un léger accent.

Je suis une vrai escorte indépendante ouverte a tous, très docile et joueuse j’aime être contrainte aux désirs d’un homme. Je suis prête a realise vos fantasmes les plus pervers et extravagantes, sans tabous.

Je privilégie les demandes claires et précises. Merci de préciser votre âge, prénom, origine et vos disponibilités, dates ou dates approximatives et la durée du rdv souhaite dans un premier temps.

payment par espèces, carte bancaire (mastercard visa, american express …). Pour les rdv avec pre payment j’utilise une application dédiée libellé en toute discretion et qui vous envoie un lien par sms ou mail pour effectuer le paiement en toute sécurité.

Tous les services sont compris pas de supplément – Its all inclusive

Noter bien s’il vous plait que c’est extrêmement important pour moi que le rendez-vous soit planifié à l’avance.

N’ayez pas peur de me contacter si vous êtes d’une nature très perverse.….

with love

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